Gone with the wind fabulous is simply an understated term to use when talking about this fire cracker. Today, as the site launches, we celebrate her life and her legacy; and how Crab Toes was established to begin with.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Still waters run deep..." ? This speaks volumes on the path my mum paved. She exuded such elegant confidence and spoke with the sternest authority; all while displaying such a soft precious spirit in giving us all love.

My mum was a teacher in EVERY meaning of the word. She taught in the class environment , but taught so many great life lessons. Even though she is gone now, her spirit is still so much alive... I've been filled with her life's teachings, which is still being reiterated in my life to this day. 

Every bit of her style is so much ingrained in us ... it's frightening. Now, I understand truly what it means when people say "your spirit never dies".... Everything that I do literally is to continue where she left off physically. Though it may be slightly different routes and avenues taken, ultimately it's lands on the same goals and aspirations we collectively set out to achieve.

Miss Lethoy, never would let anything get in her way. She would always say to us " There is always a way to do something"..."there's always a window of opportunity" ..." sometimes you have to rock the boat; in order to get things done" ... and one that I mostly live by "even if you are afraid ... DO IT AFRAID !"

Even though I miss her physical body and being able to embrace her everyday, everything else about her is alive and well.

Crab Toes is so much of an inspiration of all that my mommy loved... she was a creator, she went against the grain, she was always seen as different, not easy to be figured out ; and was adored by many from countless walks of life. So many souls loved her simply because she embraced and accepted them; which meant so much. 

So here's to you mommy on your day .... I will continue giving you your flowers through Crab Toes. This is all just the beginning .

With all my love from Crab Toes !




Mardia Powell