" To Ed with Love " ... & Thinking About You During the Holiday Season 💋

     I get it now ... to truly have found a love in this lifetime is a blessing. And to have that true love love you back ... you've won it all. 

      Last week while watching "The Daily Pop" on "E!" , a question was posed " What is better ? Finding your true love OR finding your great love ? " I was so taken back to hear some of the responses by the host; then they read some of the viewers comments on live TV. I was even more shocked to learn that I was not in the boat alone. Those who did find love explained that once having there true love and loosing it, they then gained a great love and stuck with that great love.     In my understanding a great love would be someone with a genuine soul, someone who totally has your back and has all of the attributes for being a great partner. With a true love, they have all of these qualities as well, and even with their downfalls you're so deeply captured by every essence of them ... you just respect the wholeness of them .

   The host went on to discuss how Lenny Kravitz revealed that he had his true love in Lisa Bonet , and how beautiful of a time period in his life it was while with her. He said " we were young in our 20's , and it was such a romantic time". When asked if he has had anything else like that, he responded " No, not like this ".  Yet he explained that it was just different and he'd hope to find beautiful love again, "but it will just be different."

    Ed was my true love hands down! He was such a beautiful soul. I feel so blessed to have found a love like that in my lifetime. Some time back I was afraid that I'd never find love like that again. Every bit of Ed was beautiful... he was so selfless.

  Now having conversations with my sister, I'm reassured in knowing ... it's okay. I agree with Lenny Kravitz ... I think it will just be different. We live in time, and so as we grow, with that growth we change. So Ed was the soul necessary for that space in time that I had him; he taught me such great lessons . Wow! 

   Sometimes the holidays will bring these thoughts in your mind, but it's not to run away from but to be in it... experience it, let it settle for a bit and then just leave it alone . 

    I've heard it said before " To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that's everything."

    ... but I also think " to love " is still something . What do you think? 



Mardia  💋

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Mardia Powell